Energoatom has signed a number of agreements with Transnubel and Tractebel Engineering

Energoatom has signed a number of agreements with Transnubel and Tractebel Engineering

On October 28 in Brussels (Kingdom of Belgium) NNEGC Energoatom signed a number of partnership agreements with Belgian companies Transnubel and Tractebel Engineering.

In the frame of negotiations between Energoatom and Transnubel representatives a possibility of fresh nuclear fuel transport from the Swedish plant of the Japanese-American-Kazakh Company Westinghouse to Ukrainian NPPs was discussed.

Transnubel is one of the world leaders in transport of radioactive material and in quality transport organization services. Moreover, Transnubel services not only comply with the norms and requirements of the EU but also provide the highest level of safety while transporting radioactive material.

The Protocol on cooperation intentions of Tractebel Engineering presupposes participation of the Belgian company in the Comprehensive (integrated) Safety Upgrade Program for NPPs of Ukraine, implemented by Energoatom. Moreover, the parties are also interested in joint work on VVER-1000 power units’ of Ukrainian NPPS capacity increase. Furthermore, Tractebel Engineering is ready to provide technical and engineer aid for completion of KhNPP units 3 and 4 as well as to take part in implementation of other construction projects of Energoatom.

Tractebel Engineering is a global engineering consultancy company with more than 125 years of expertise in energy, water and infrastructure projects. The company services cover the whole lifecycle of these projects, from feasibility studies to decommissioning. With offices in more than 30 countries, Tractebel Engineering is also a business unit of ENGIE Energy Services, the European leader in multi-technical energy related services. 

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