Rivne NPP completed the public hearing cycle in regard to Power Unit 3 lifetime extension

The final public hearings on RNPP Unit 3 lifetime extension over the design lifetime were held in Manevichy (Volyn region).

The meeting of Rivne nuclear power engineers with representatives and communities of Volyn was held to review materials substantiating the safety of RNPP Power Unit 3 lifetime extension, the design lifetime whereof expired in December last year.  The unit preparation for its operation in the period exceeding the design lifetime is performed in line with the “Energy Strategy of Ukraine for the Period until 2030”.

The participants to the public hearings were: Andrii Lyndiuk, the Chairman of Manevychy district state administration, Anatolii Melnyk, the Chairman of Manevychy district council,  Manevychy district council deputies, representatives of Manevychy settlement labour collectives, chairmen of villages and settlements inside the 30-km RNPP control area, educational and medical personnel, non-indifferent  inhabitants.

In frames of the hearings, the attendees learned the history of building up and development of RNPP and its satellite town, the power plant mission, personnel values, team qualification portrait and the enterprise operation performances. Petro Kratik, the head of RNPP information and public relations department, told about RNPP place in SE NNEGC “Energoatom” structure, market relations with SE “Energorynok”, the company’s contribution into the economic development of the state and the region, as well as about organization of activities for RNPP Unit 3 lifetime extension and examples of international practice of operating the nuclear power units in the period exceeding their design lifetime.

Upon the presentation completion, Rivne NPP specialists answered the questions of the event’s participants.  Just about most of all, the attendees were interested in the issue of distributing subvention-2017 funds for social and economic reimbursement of risk for RNPP control area population. By the way, last year Manevychy district has received more than 7 million hryvnas subvention and about 3 million more have come to the regional budget. Petro Kratik underlined that subvention funds’ distribution belongs to the competence of the district authority, which should take into account the community opinion.

Manevychy district inhabitants applied with the request to implement the medical insurance of the plant control area population and to support the activity of TV and radio company “Amber Way”. Those proposals were included into the document portfolio for the regulating authority, State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine. The inhabitants expressed interest in the road repair – the escape routes for a case of emergencies and in raising the electricity allowance limits for population residing in the power plant control area. Yuriy Gutnyk, the head of RNPP production and engineering service, informed that all RNPP expenditure items should be envisaged in Energoatom tariff subject to NEPURC approval. “Currently, the NPP tariff does not include Energoatom’s social component. The Law of Ukraine “On Electric Energy Market” becomes effective in 2019, it is designed to reform the industry area and transfer market relations into the sphere of buying and selling electricity”, -  Yuriy Gutnyk noted.

The Chairman of Manevychy district state administration also informed that the district supports construction of hydraulic structure by Rivne NPP to ensure the required water level in the water withdrawal point within the course of Stir river. “Our interest is that RNPP would operate reliably and safely, therefore we’ll agree all required documents to place the hydraulic construction on the territory of our district”, - Andrii Lyndiuk stressed.

On the hearings outcome, the district inhabitants supported unanimously Rivne NPP Unit 3 lifetime extension and noted a high significance of safe operation of the energy generating company and its development.

The public hearings are held in compliance with provisions of the Aarhus Convention on public access and participation in decision-making regarding the environment and CMU Resolution №771 dated 29.06.2011. The public opinion and proposals are obligatory addressed in the process of making the final decision by SNRIU on nuclear power unit lifetime extension. SNRIU will make its Decision upon review and approval of the Periodic Safety Reassessment Report. Public discussions of the draft Decision will take place on July 12 this year in the power plant satellite town of Varash.



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