Local residents support RNPP Unit 3 lifetime extension

Based on an easy and open approach along with the purpose to implement the rights of the citizens and their communities to take part in the decision-making processes related to possible RNPP Unit 3 lifetime extension, the RNPP experts held public discussions in the villages located in the surveillance area.

From February until May of the current year public hearings are being held for representatives of towns, villages and united territorial communities of the Rivne NPP 30-kilometre surveillance area. A public hearing format allows residents of the region to know more about power plant performance and lines of its development, the course of important events, staff professional competence as well as to have their questions answered.

The representatives of village councils, deputies and community of Krasnovolia, Velyka Osnytsia, Kulykovychi, Horaimivka, and Kolky village councils took an active part in public hearings conducted by Rivne NPP specialists in Krasnovolia village, Manevychi district, Volyn region. The question concerning allotment of Volyn lands for RNPP hydraulic facility and the question concerning karst cavities were very important to rural people. A substantiated answer was given by Mykhailo Cherniakhovych, head of RNPP buildings and structures operation department, noting that the phenomena of karst cavities at the plant site were discovered in 1982. After execution of the corresponding studies and implementation of certain measures required for soil stabilization, the situation became normal. Continuous monitoring indicates the effectiveness of the works performed. Soil stabilization was confirmed by the report of the Kyiv Research and Design Institute “Energoproject” in 2014. Concerning allotment of land for RNPP hydraulic facility, Cherniakhovych M. emphasized that the shallowness of the Styr river in the dry season could cause a forced power decrease of RNPP units. «The hydraulic facility should ensure the required water level for operation of pumps of the on-shore pumping station. Water intake from the Styr river compensates for the loss of water in the reverse cooling system. It should be noted that the hydraulic facility will not affect boat traffic, fish passage or any other environmental factors. For construction of hydraulic facility, it is also necessary to built bypass channel - an artificial channel where the river will flow during construction or repair of the facility. This particular bypass channel is planned to be located on the left bank of the Styr river, i.e., on the lands of Volyn region ", - power engineer emphasized.

The representatives of the Komarivka, Okonsk, Lisove, Dovzhytsia, Budky and Manevychi village councils noted insufficient level of subvention allocation, which was within the range of about 30% of the guaranteed funding. Questions regarding subvention allocation were raised by the communities of Stara Rafalivka, Zabolottia, Liubakhy, Lozky and Polovli village councils. Yaroslav Yemelianov, head of Stara Rafalivka village council, and Roman Hondoka, head of Zabolottia village council, told about unintended application of subventions. "There is no money available to repair roads, which are evacuation routes" – noted Hondoka R. - There are also problems with timely arrival at work for residents who work at RNPP". Roman Hondoka and Yaroslav Yemelianov addressed a written request to resolve the question concerning transportation of RNPP employees living in the nearest villages.

Lack of personal protection equipment and potassium iodide at the educational institutions was noted during public hearings in the Prylisne village, which is the administrative center of the united territorial community (UTC) of Prylisne, Galuziia, Horodok, Karasyn, Zamostia, Lyshnivka and Serkhiv villages. This issue is related to allocation of subventions to OTG, which is not legally prescribed. Petro Kratik, head of RNPP information and public relations department, said that Pavlo Pavlyshyn, Rivne NPP Director General, addressed the members of Volodymyrets and Manevychi districts with a request to make changes to the article of the given bill and submit them for consideration to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The decision is expected in spring of the current year.

The communities almost unanimously supported the lifetime extension of RNPP unit 3. Mykola Davydiuk, member of Manevychi district council noted the importance of this process. "Every citizen must understand the consequences of NPP unit decommissioning not only for the region, but for the whole country" – he said. - The power unit should operate, because today the share of nuclear generation reaches 70% of electricity production in Ukraine, and its shutdown will affect not only the national economy, but also every citizen".

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